If meeting planners designed a city

it would be Foxwoods.

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The latest polls of industry professionals find smaller cities surging as the hottest locations for corporate meetings and events in 2016 and beyond. Why? It’s a combination of logistics and infrastructure, diverse room options, outstanding F&B, meeting space flexibility, fabulous amenities, and world-class entertainment. Of course, pricing and destination uniqueness remain high on the list. Having to control so many moving parts makes planning a nail-biter for even the most seasoned pro.

What if these unpredictable variables could be easily controlled?

Located between Boston and New York City, Foxwoods simplifies the task of meeting planners like no other place. Nestled in acres of pristine Connecticut forest – and yet just minutes from vibrant New England cityscapes – Foxwoods rises like an electrifying citadel for business and relaxation. Ease of attendee movement, exceptional catering and dining, highly configurable boardrooms and ballrooms, and a city’s worth of after-hours shopping and entertainment all exist in one magnificent place. It’s easy to get to, and our team takes the guesswork out of even the most complex event plan.

If meeting planners designed a city, then the city, its venues and all requisite services would be one. That’s Foxwoods. It’s the best-kept secret in North American meetings.

Property Facts

  • Total Square Footage: 9 million sq. ft.
  • Total Guest Rooms: 2,230
  • King Deluxe Rooms: 861
  • Double Queen Deluxe Rooms: 1,022
  • Suites: 324
  • Villas: 23


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